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Heat Island: Europena Beech
Ausstellung Kunst und Buch 1921 – 2020 – 212

Within the narrative of the Heat Island project, the third installation by the artistRoman is a proposal for 3D immersion in a typical forest of the European region, mainly composed of oaks, vegetation and mild climate. The title "Europeanbeech" refers to the botanical species Fagus sylvatica, a large deciduous tree that is widespread in the northern hemisphere and one of the most important and most used trees in Europe. In the context of the project, it embodies and addresses a post-natural experience that deals with the utopian vision of a forest, usually described in Nordic fairy tales, that tells the story of the mysterious disappearance of the human species.Using deep immersion technology and 3D animation, I intend to give voice to a forest created by an Artificial Intelligence in a fictional and interactive way that leads the participant on a solitary and thoughtful walk. The AI is represented by an echoing and melodic voice, with a soundtrack based on ambient sound and generatively produced. It tells how nature has been constantly silenced and neglected for the pleasure of patriarchal techno-scientific development and what the possible causes of humanity's disappearance were.

Play the game here

Heat Island: The Woenderful Heartfelt Sentment
Prater Digital artist in residency

The artist proposes a digital poem, created inside a series of Mozilla Hub rooms. The poem incorporates sound a, 3d design, and discussion around the healing process through digital media and virtual reality.

The digital poem features rooms, where participants can journey through mystical landscapes and sound experiences, walking through the narrative of a child who died prematurely and as part of an archive of human memories, lives in a virtual world. The young Narcissus, the name of the first character and guider, immerse the public into his world telling the story of his family members through sound-poems, taking participants on an intimate journey through childhood, adulthood, and a fictitious digital archive of a kid, relating to the story of humanity marked by the effects of climate change, forced migrations and abrupt separations.